One former Army couple: Two different paths to successful transition.

“I wanted you to know that the Soldier for Life initiative of assisting Soldiers, veterans, and their families leave military service “career ready,” connected, and resourced to transition is working,” said former U.S. Army Captain RaeAnne Pae.

RaeAnne was recently hired by the New York Stock Exchange’s Event Marketing office after participating in the Military Veteran Forum held Sept. 11, 2012, and learning about the exhchange’s next Forum for Human Resources and Veterans Program Executives, to be held in November.

She decided to seek out a position with the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, knowing they value the experience veterans have, and they assist veterans in obtaining meaningful employment.

The connections RaeAnne made at these forums linked her to the U.S. Army’s Soldier for Life office, which shares a common goal of assisting our Soldiers achieve a successful transition so they remain Army Strong.

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